Back iN the Building

Back iN the Building

Back iN the Building

Although our weekend experiences have moved from our physical campus to our online campus, you can now join us for our Midweek Experience on Wednesdays at 7:15 PM at our new, temporary location.

1 Corinthians 13:7 says “love protects,” and we are intent on protecting your health. We’re committed to keeping the experience:

  1. Safe
  2. Sanitized
  3. Spacious
  4. Spectacular

Join Us Online

Join us on our online campus Sundays at 9 AM or 11:15 AM. Please note that we are not meeting at our physical location for weekend experiences at this time.

Give Online

In this season, it is more important than ever to continue giving. We understand there’s already a lot on your mind. To make the giving process more effortless, set up recurring giving today. As always, thank you for your generosity. It’s still making a difference.

We understand that we are in a fluid season with COVID-19, and that can bring a lot of anxiety and uncertainty, but we remind you that we are people of faith, not fear. Continue to operate in God’s peace [John 14:27]. 

We encourage you to take this matter seriously and take proper precautions outlined by the CDC and the Maryland Department of Health; we also encourage you to live life without fear and know that our God is Healer, Provider, and Protector.

This season has been a reminder that it’s the people who make the church, not the physical location. We look forward to connecting with you both online and in-person.