We are so excited to have Kidz back in the building!


Our ICC Kidz area is still under construction; therefore, we will only be offering care for ages 2-9 years old. Registration is required in advance, and can be found at the link below.



Due to COVID-19 and concerns for sanitation, we will be asking all parents to assist with any toileting accidents that may occur. If needed, we will use your phone number and email on file to contact you! To maintain a healthy and safe environment, we ask all children to arrive and check in by 11 AM. After 11 AM, your child will be considered absent and their registration will expire.


All children must wear a mask at all times. If your child is experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms at the time of check-in, they will not be permitted into the classroom. 


There will also be a Parent Room available for parents who have children that are a little more active during the main worship experience. Parents are required to monitor their child in the Parent Room at all times. While in the Parent Room, parents will be able to watch the sermon live while children play with age-appropriate toys. 


With the hopes of contacting our ICC Kidz family promptly, please contact us at (571) 207-5690 if your little one tests positive for COVID-19 within 4 days of attending. Thank you for your continued support of our efforts to maintain a healthy experience.